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Need a portfolio or portfolio update?

I’m known for a very unique but commercial style and I love helping models looking to begin or expand their portfolios.

I can provide both in-studio and location shots to achieve diverse images in one session. Complete portfolios from the ground up are a specialty and I can also help you supplement an existing portfolio. Digital portfolios are also available.

New models are always welcome and we can help with agency or stylist contacts.

We try to keep our online portfolio updated with some of our latest work.

Please realize what you’ll see is not just our top-of-the-line, hide-the-not-so-good stuff. For the most part, what you see is what you get. Really.

Get in our Modeling Database

I’m continuously updating my own portfolio and website and don’t usually mind TFP (if we have the time).

I use models for:

  • Paid client jobs of all kinds
  • Class and seminar demonstration models
  • Updating my own portfolio
  • Testing new ideas, new equipment, and new techniques
  • Personal projects of various kinds (this is the kind of stuff that keeps me vibrant & excited about photography)

If you are interested in exchanging time for prints or possibly working with us in any way, please contact us using the form link below.


By filling out the form that appears on the pop-up, you acknowledge that this is not an offer of employment and should not be construed to establish an employer/employee, partnership, agency, or a joint venture relationship between yourself and Mark Umstot Photography.

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