Maternity Photography


Your baby is on the way!

Maternity photography. It’s a great way to capture a truly singular event (even with two or more children, each pregnancy is different).

This is rapidly becoming one of my specialties. And why not? You already know how strong the bond will be between you and your child. Let’s capture the beginnings of that in a totally unique portrait? I love to capture the beauty, serenity, and sensuality of pregnancy.

Okay, I know you may not feel so beautiful, serene, and sensual. And, even when you’re not pregnant, being willing to pose for a photoshoot can be uncomfortable. Don’t worry, I have ways of banishing stretch marks and showing the true magic of the moment.

You have a choice, whether fully clothed or tasteful and modest semi-nude, I’m going to help bring your best to light.

Why wait until the baby is born to start the portraits?

Ideas for your maternity photoshoot

White clothing is great. It just works.

I love using lots of drapey and translucent fabrics. If you have favorite scarves, robes or fabrics, bring them along.

Some of my most critically-acclaimed works are our nude (usually implied) maternity images. Feel free to mention that this interests you and we’ll be sure to accommodate you in the most discrete ways. But don’t stress, we won’t do anything you wouldn’t want to do.

A really beautiful, simple idea is to raid your husband’s closet and get a solid dress shirt. It makes it easy to expose the belly. Jeans or khaki pants finish it off.

Even a long white nightgown. Yes, nightgown. But think simple, not all frilly.

Husband and children are encouraged to get in the picture!

The session usually takes an hour to an hour and a half and results in a portrait you will cherish.

Call 806-239-3657 or email to set up an appointment now (we’ve even taken these images the day of delivery, so don’t think it’s too late).

We try to keep our online portfolio updated with some of our latest work.

Please realize what you’ll see is not just our top-of-the-line, hide-the-not-so-good stuff. For the most part, what you see is what you get. Really.

Packages & Pricing

Some photographers don’t put their pricing up front. We’re not into hiding our pricing from you. We want to treat you like we want to be treated and personally, we don’t like having to meet or call or email just to see the prices. So, just:

Ready to capture this special time?

We’d love to help you create something as special as your pregnancy

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