Family Photography


So, what kind of family photography are we going to do?

I love doing fine art family portraiture with a twist. The thing is, I just hate boring photography.

So, how do I get around that? Well, by actually communicating with my clients. And really, client is a very sterile word. We take time to get to know each other and get comfortable with one another. Doing the technical things, metering the light, setting the exposure, clicking the shutter — that’s a skill to master (although you might be surprised by how many “professional photographers” don’t know these things. But how does someone create an environment, whether in-studio or on-location, where you can be you, where your family’s personality can emerge and be revealed? Well, I do it by talking; and more importantly, listening. Learning about you and your family. We may take as much time getting to know each other as it takes to do the “photography” part of the photoshoot.

Oh, and don’t forget fun. Seriously. You ought to see the outtakes.

Let’s plan your photoshoot. Let’s take the time to decide how to make this great! Let’s create art of your family. And have some fun in the process. You’ll start out my client but, hopefully, by the time you’re about 10 feet in the door, I’ll have a new collaborator, a partner, and a friend that becomes my subject for a portrait that we can share with the world.

About my style

Yes, I am your photographer but we all will collaborate to create some amazing images. Portraits that show a side of you, you and your spouse, your kids. Let’s take the time that it takes to let the real you out. Got a teenager who hates to be in those family pictures? Give me a chance to change their mind. How about you actually getting to be in the picture? Yep, you can be in the portrait too! And hey, we’re not going to rush through. We take the time to get what you want.

I like to think that the little snap of the shutter is the paint, the digital materials that I’ll use to make a final creation. That image that only took 1/250th of a second to digitize is the same one I’ll spend a whole lot more time with in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop to edit/enhance/nuture into something amazing!

This is personal artwork. Yes, it’s going to be decoration, but it’s more than that. How many images are created nowadays? Your phone has a great camera built in. But here’s the problem… nothing gets printed! So, yes, we use digital technology, but our goal is to create something you can pass down for generations. How many of you fill up the card on your digital camera and then, when you’re out at an event, you run out of room and wind up having to delete some images. Some memories. Ugh!

So, let’s create something different, special, and better together.

Sounds like some fancy sales pitch, but it’s true!

We try to keep our online portfolio updated with some of our latest work.

Please realize what you’ll see is not just our top-of-the-line, hide-the-not-so-good stuff. For the most part, what you see is what you get. Really.

Packages & Pricing

Some photographers don’t put their pricing up front. We’re not into hiding our pricing from you. We want to treat you like we want to be treated and personally, we don’t like having to meet or call or email just to see the prices. So, just:
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