Boudoir Photography


Why use us for your boudoir photoshoot?

You’ve been looking around for someone who offers artistic, elegant, romantic, and sensual boudoir photography. Then you’ve found the right place.

We’ve been doing boudoir for more than 20 years with hundreds of shoots under our belt. Yes, you read that right… 20 years! (that was back when boudoir wasn’t even a thing in West Texas) That means we have a reputation; one you can trust, one that produces photos that are really special.

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography has now become the very popular trend in showing off your sexy side. Oh, and you pronounce it “boo-dwa.”

Like we mentioned above, we’ve featured it for over 20 years and love to help women create some tasteful images with a good dose of sexiness. We’ll keep it within your level of comfortability. Let’s make something flirty, beautiful, and fun!

Okay, so why would one want to do this style of photography?


For someone special in your life

What better way to get your partner’s attention than with a photograph of you looking your sexy best? From mild to wild, we can create a special photo that will get his attention and help add some new excitement to your love life. An effective way to get his attention is to wear something you know he likes you in (or out of!).


For your own confidence

The secret of looking good is feeling good! You’ve probably looked at pictures of film stars, models and celebrities and wondered how they manage to look so good. Models and celebrities simply benefit from the same professional photographic lighting and posing techniques that Mark can offer you. Ask anyone who’s had images made with us, we’ll guarantee you’ll walk away feeling better about yourself. Seriously. It happens time and time again.


To look back on

Just for yourself or to share with your partner, why not freeze time forever.

A Note About Privacy

We respect your privacy. We’ve been doing boudoir photography in Lubbock since April 2002, longer than anyone else around here, and there’s a reason why. My clients trust me. I never show your boudoir photographs to anyone outside of our staff without your permission. But, if you would love to show off your images, we’d happy to feature you. Please advise us how you feel about this, either way, so that we may make a notation on your file. I also won’t be that creepy photographer who gives you scary looks. Really.

Interested? Here is the process:

1) Call us at 806-239-3657. Right now. Really. We won’t embarrass you. Remember, we think this is an amazing experience and we want you to be able to have a chance to show off that sexy, flirty side. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through it all. You’re not expected to be an expert, let us take care of you.

2) We’ll answer all your questions.

3) We’ll set your photoshoot date! Then we’ll send you a guide telling you all of the following:

  • A wonderful list of ideas on what to wear (or not to wear).
  • What to do about makeup, tanning, and props.
  • Print and album packages.
  • Everything you’ll need to know to be prepared for a great experience.

4) Your day arrives and we have a great time creating some beautiful images.

5) We narrow your poses down to about 20-30 of the top shots and then do our magic. This takes about two weeks. Keep that in mind in your planning.

6) You’ll come in and choose your favorites. We’ll send it off to our lab and within about a week, you’ll receive your exciting creation!

Packages & Pricing

Some photographers don’t put their pricing up front. We’re not into hiding our pricing from you. We want to treat you like we want to be treated and personally, we don’t like having to meet or call or email just to see the prices. So, just:

Have more questions?

Don’t be shy or embarrassed. We’re happy to help you in any way possible.

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