Architectural & Construction Photography


Our True Specialty: Architectural & Construction Photography

We specialize in architectural and construction photography. It’s become the core of my business and I’m dedicated to it. We began simply photographing apartment complexes. Then gradually moved into real estate. Adding more and more architectural & construction firms led to finding a niche we love!

And now, we do it all. We’ve gone throughout the world and had the opportunity to photograph buildings from simple boutiques to huge, multi-million dollar amphitheaters.

My Outlook on Architectural & Construction Photography

Architectural & construction photography has become a passion. One where we want to help create imagery for clients who want to show the world the projects they’ve been involved in creating. Those images go on to be a calling card, a fantastic and brilliant part of their marketing and brand.

I’m based in West Texas but work throughout the US and beyond. We’ve had a full-time photographic studio for over 19 years, something that shows we’re in it for the long haul. And the only way we’re going to stay around is creating work for our clients that stands the test of time. Most of our clients become our friends. That’s the way we do business. We run our studio by the Golden Rule and I treat my clients like I want to be treated. You’ll get honest, fair-priced, genuine work.

Working with architects, designers, and construction workers, I’ve come to understand clients’ needs. I’ve learned what they require from the photography they’re investing in. I understand how to create great out of not-so-great conditions, how to convert raw digital files into perfect images through post-processing techniques. I know deadlines are usually a hard and fast rule. I love making the inanimate come alive.

We try to keep our online portfolio updated with some of our latest work.

Please realize what you’ll see is not just our top-of-the-line, hide-the-not-so-good stuff. For the most part, what you see is what you get. Really.

Do you have a architectural project you’d like us to tackle?

We’d love to discuss it!

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