Aerial Drone Photography & Videography


Fully FAA Licensed & Insured

Drones have revolutionized aerial photography and videography. And there are a lot of people with drones nowadays. But there’s a caveat to all this sky activity. The FAA requires the operator of the drone to be licensed with a remote pilot certificate in order to properly fly for a commercial project. That means in order to legally create images and videos for your company, the FAA wants things to be done safely.

Mark Umstot has his remote pilot certificate and has the experience to do things within the FAA guidelines and we always fly with $3 million in public liability insurance. Make sure that you won’t be on the hook if the person you hire to fly for you encounters a problem or does something against FAA regulations.

Aerial Advertising Photography & Videography

Aerial photography and videography can be added to your to your corporate or promotional video or even to your website. It can become an important element to your brand awareness.

Aerial Real Estate & Property Photography

This West Coast trend of having aerial images of a property is quickly becoming common in Texas. Using a drone is a very cost effective to take photographs and video of your property. It’ll allow you to show your property in a way that’s not possible with land based photography.

Building & Roof Inspections

You want a safe, quick, and easy way to inspect a building, roof, or hard to get at area, a drone is the way to go! So much easier than renting a cherry picker or erecting scaffolding. Also, there is no safety or health risk to your staff.


Do you want architectural imagery that highlights the nuances of your amazing construction? Drone photography and video is the way to rise above the mediocrity of the standard architectural representation.

Special Events & Weddings

Bringing us in with a drone to capture those impossible shots from land-based photography & video, we can give you those extra special moments from your special event or wedding day.

Drone Help on Farms

Lots of farmers have bought drones but don’t have the time to become expert enough to map out their land, control pesticide use,  or identify areas with low chlorophyl levels. Let us help!
Is it legal?
Mark Umstot Photography is 100% legal. We fly under the FAA’s Small UAS Rule (Part 107) that controls and governs the commercial use of drones. We have a Remote Pilot Certificate that allows us to commercially operate our drones. We fully comply with the FAA and go above and beyond with our training, experience, and insurance. We also use geofencing to ensure we don’t go out of bounds.
Can I use my own drone to take aerial images of my real estate listings?
Current FAA laws and regulations generally prohibit the commercial use of UAS, which includes for the purpose of real estate marketing unless you have passed the remote pilot certificate aeronautical knowledge test at an FAA-approved knowledge testing center through Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. So, in other words, if you’re using your drone commercially, even for your own business, you’d need the certificate.
What are the FAA's basic rules necessary for flying?
We fly under the FAA’s Small UAS Rule (Part 107) which requires us to:

  • Register our drones
  • Hold a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA
  • Fly drones under 55 lbs.
  • Fly within visual-line-of-sight
  • Not fly near other aircraft or over people
  • Not fly in controlled airspace near airports without FAA permission
  • Fly only during daylight or civil twilight, at or below 400 feet

We can obtain a waiver to some of these rules if necessary for your project.

Is insurance required to operate a drone?
Recreationally, no. But should you need commercial drone services, you should request that the operator indemnify you against any action, suits, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys’ and fees and costs) arising from the drone operation or the use of the related drone images. Mark Umstot Photography carries $3 million in general liability insurance.
How much does your aerial photography & videography cost?
We have packages for almost every conceivable project. And if we don’t, we can create a custom proposal for you. You’ll find that the expense is very reasonable, especially for the response to the images and videos. Compared to the rest of the drone world, you’ll find we’re right in the middle cost-wise.
What about MLS requirements?
We’ll provide you exactly what you need for the best possible results within the MLS. It won’t take any extra resizing or cropping before you upload your images.
Can I hire someone else to operate my drone to take aerial images of my real estate listings?
Yes.  You may hire an individual or company to operate a drone on your behalf.  However, before doing so, be sure to verify that the individual has successfully obtained their remote pilot certificate from the FAA.

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