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Weddings, Engagement, & Bridals

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Okay, so you’re interested in us possibly photographing your wedding (that normally includes your engagement and bridal photoshoots – additionally, we can do those shoots separately). Small weddings, big weddings, weddings in foreign venues, even a quick wedding at the courthouse – I love ‘em!

The first thing on your mind is probably pricing. I’ve got lots of different options for creating the perfect photography package. Just give me a call (806-239-3657) and I’ll get you everything you need for an informed decision. Most full wedding packages are between $2000-4000 and ALL of our packages include the digital negatives with the Copyright Release! Most include engagement, bridal, & boudoir photoshoots!

And here’s a huge necessity that your may not even know you need (it’s almost more important than the images). Well, honestly, it’s simply a good fit between you and your photographer. More than just our style, we need to be a good fit in personality. So, here’s a quick description of me:

I am honest, clever, crazy, giving, independent, confident, dramatic, serious, caring, full of ideas, laid back, nonjudgmental, and a fairly good conversationalist. I love learning about everything. I love people with good vocabularies, Spain, massages, rainy days/thunderstorms, dogs, rats, spiders, traveling, and a smartly-done movie. Meeting people, experiencing new things, expanding my knowledge, growing in mercy, and taking a chance every now and then.

If you’re interested, give us a call right now. Seriously. We only book one wedding per weekend and are often booked a year or more out. Now, that doesn’t mean don’t call. Let’s see.

And as I mentioned above, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, go for a photographer with whom you simply get along. Really. Your florist isn’t interacting with your guests. Neither is your cake designer. I also would love to be involved in more than just your wedding. When the wee ones arrive (I’m talking about babies, lol), your special events, your business headshot. That’s why I want to do a spectacular job. I’m striving to be your personal photographer for life. Yep, there, I said it, “for life!”

I’ve heard that art is for all the things you can’t say out loud. And photography works to solve that pretty well. I’ve got plenty of words but there’s just some things that work better with pictures. My favorite thing in photography is really capturing the couple and the love that’s there. There are plenty of wedding photographers (TONS!), plenty who do whatever. I don’t want to do whatever. I want to find you and your future partner in the images we create. Really.

By the way, all time worst pet peeve is people who aren’t nice. We’ve only got a limited amount of time here and if you just can’t be kind, just stay away. Please. And guess what? You can expect me to be nice too, 1x1.trans Weddings, Engagement, & Bridals

So, might we possibly be a good fit? If so, read on….

My Wedding Style

Regarding my philosophy and approach, let’s call it artistic, heartfelt  thoughtful documentation. For weddings, I combine photojournalistic style with an artistic sensibility. The result? Classic and timeless images that capture the beauty of weddings.

We consider ourselves a true alternative to typical wedding photos in that we blend old  new traditions in photography to arrive at the perfect solution for today’s wedding couple. Basically, you might call it FREESTYLE (but I need another word for that, it sounds a little 80s).

My Top 3 Goals

  1. To be unobtrusive. It’s your wedding, I’m just there to record it.
  2. I promise not to “direct” your wedding (believe me, there are many photographers who love to do that)
  3. To capture the beauty, emotion and excitement of your most special day as it naturally happens.

I absolutely love what I do! And for those who like something truly different than the “line you up and smile” weddings, I’m your guy.  (And hey, my style might not be for everyone, especially if you’ve got a major traditionalist footing the bill. That’s okay. I can direct you to another more traditional photographer, seriously, just call and I can help).

So, does this little monologue mesh with your ideas? Yes? Then what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give us a call 806-239-3657. Talk to you soon!