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Web Design

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We only accept a limited number of web development and design projects since they’re very time consumptive.

We custom designed our own site but work with dozens of other web projects as well.

If you don’t have a truly professional website, you are missing out. I view website design very practically. Personally, if a business doesn’t have a good web presence, I’m probably not going to be visiting that business. Before I go try a new restaurant, I check ’em out online. you probably do the same. So, does your website measure up? I’ve even recently changed my website in massive ways simply to make Mark Umstot Photography more accessible, easier to navigate, and, quite frankly, answer your questions before our first contact.

It’s simple. You know you need a website. You’ve got one already? Is it good?

You can hire the big boys for your web design. But I guarantee, the possibility of truly personal service is going to be rare. We’re boutique and will actually listen to your needs and respond. We can design your website from scratch or even do the technical end of customizing a template.

We can design both informational and eCommerce sites and guide you in your choices of HTML, HTML5, CMS, and Flash designs. And hopefully you’re thinking SEO (Search Engine Optimization), because we sure are. We’ll work with you in the ever-evolving world of bringing traffic to your site (did we say “ever-evolving”? It changes almost daily).

Web design usually includes imagery that we’ll create as well (after all, photography is our specialty!).

Look at The Yoga Stand. We needed a website that explained yoga to a public unaware of the different forms or that it was even offered in the community. Easy navigation and very clear descriptions to take away the misunderstandings people might have. We also did all the photography for the site.

Flowerland Midland is another good example still in evolution. Informational without being technical. It allows you to get comfortable with the staff before stepping in the physical store. Look at other florists online and compare. We’ve even set them up with remote ways to keep their website updated. Oh yeah, we did the pictures for the main design as well.

From that website, another florist wanted a clean, fresh design for their redesign. So, step over to Mark Knox Flowers in Odessa, Texas and see what we’ve done. Oh, guess what? Yep, we did their photography too.

Please don’t contact us if you want what other people have. I love doing different.

Let’s push the creative envelope together.

Other questions? Please feel free to call (806-239-3657) or shoot me an email.