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Posted by: In: Alex, Journal 23 Jul 2008 Comments: 1

I’m writing this from the recovery room of Covenant Hospital’s SurgiCenter via my iPhone (I needed to try posting from my phone).

My daughter, Alex, just had her tonsils and adenoids out. Man, that’s some crazy kind of everyday surgery (Alex would probably say no to that ‘everyday’ comment and say this is the worse pain she’s ever had). But it’s really cool what it’ll do for her.

So, to tide you over till my next post, here’s a quick pic of her getting ready for surgery and then the results, her tonsils (yep, we get to keep ‘em).

1x1.trans Tonsils

1x1.trans Tonsils

Comments: 1

  1. Posted by ALEX 13 Aug 2008 at 10:19 am

    And it really hurt too. Thank you so much dad for taking care of me!!!!!

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