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The Science Fair

Posted by: In: Alex, Journal 17 Apr 2008 Comments: 0

Alex, my 9 year old, participated in her school’s science fair. She came up with a pretty interesting hypothesis connecting age with lung capacity and how all that works. She won a place to participate in the regional fair (only 5th graders can progress to state). And then she wound up walking away with a First Place. Yay!! She’s excited about participating next year and maybe expanding her project. I walked away feeling proud but also excited that I’m planning on sponsoring an award next year, something big, stay tuned.

1x1.trans The Science Fair
1x1.trans The Science Fair
1x1.trans The Science Fair
1x1.trans The Science Fair

By the way, it was really sad that no media was there to support these kids (4th – 12th graders). We had the brightest minds in the region, all in the United Spirit Arena, and anyway….

Comments: 0

  1. Posted by Danielle Askins 17 Apr 2008 at 2:53 pm

    Go figure that the media can cover EVERYTHING negative and absolutely nothing POSITIVE!! You should be a proud Daddy!

  2. Posted by Kembra Gerner 21 Apr 2008 at 10:43 pm

    Aw that is so awesome! I used to do science fair too! And Chris’s (my boyfriend’s) little brother Jayton is in ninth grade; he actually won at regionals and is going to state, then internationals in Atlanta! I have so much respect for those kids and all the hard work they put in!

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