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Posted by: In: Photography 12 Oct 2006 Comments: 2

Hey friends! Lissa and I were just doing some intensive editing this morning and noticed something. Most people think they need to tan before they come see us. No need. The editing processes we use tend to warm the skin somewhat and, therefore, freshly-tanned skin tends to take things over the top.

1x1.trans Tanning

Not to mention the health reasons for not tanning. Want to know why Nicole Kidman doesn’t look 39 years old? She stays out of the sun. Granted, a lot of our damage comes from sun exposure that happens before we’re 10 years of age, but there’s no use in accelerating the process. Okay, off our soapboxes and back to editing.

Comments: 2

  1. Posted by Snow White (a.k.a. Lissa) 13 Oct 2006 at 3:14 am

    This is good news for us girls who only burn after intense sun exposure. :)

  2. Posted by cayce 17 Oct 2006 at 5:01 pm

    disclaimer: this has nothing to do with tanning.

    i LOVE the new page mark! you are amazing. thanks for the birthday call and i think its time for more pics of our little princess. by the way, i feel famous now…haha!

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