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It takes a few days for a major website change to propagate throughout the entire world. Each company or ISP (Internet Service Provider) has to update their records. So, while we sit here looking at this little posting by this Lubbock photographer, me, somebody on the other side of the world is still looking at the old version of my website. Just a wee bit frustrating!

But all well and good. If you’re reading this, then no problema! As a matter of fact, shoot me an email and let me know what you think. The reports from my regular clients are rolling in with rave reviews. Especially on speed. Go look at the galleries in my portfolios. They should pop right up. However, I can’t be held responsible for a generally-slow internet connect, lol.

If you haven’t noticed, this website just got a facelift. Okay, I can’t even call it a facelift. We took the name, threw away the rest, and genetically re-engineered a new body. Completely.

I talked to tons of people about what they like in website design, etc. And it really came down to two things, at least for a photography website. Make it easy to navigate and have some great pictures.

So, no more Flash. Yes, it’s all “pretty.” But programming it was a nightmare and it actually discouraged me from updating it regularly. I had to essentially relearn Flash every time I wanted to make a change (I tend to push non-essential stuff out of the brain to make room). Losing the Flash also allows me to move up the Google SEO ladder with more ease. I’ve been competing against websites that are designed with Google in mind and essentially mine looks like a blank page to the all-powerful G-machine (even with that, we’ve always been in the top spots due to some fleet-footed maneuvering, lol). I’m excited that we’ll all be on even footing!

All this to say, I’m still ironing some stuff out. Please ignore the little mistakes, etc. and know that everything will be up to speed SOON!