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Photography 101 Classes and More!

Want to get a handle on that shiny new camera you got for your birthday or Christmas?

Our seminars usually take place on Saturdays (we have to schedule them around the many weddings we photograph). Watch my Twitter to keep abreast of signup announcements. Also, you can use the form on contact page to shoot me a quick email and let us know you’re interested.

Here’s the details on my two seminar favorites: Digital Photography & Cultivating Your Creativity.

Photography 101

Let’s see, it’d probably be good just to see a list of some of the things discussed: how to pick a digital camera, exposure and lighting for digital cameras, learning a bit about really good composition, digital editing software, how to get a good digital image, printing digital images, street photography, and how to get great vacation and family pictures.

Cultivating Your Creativity

Everyone’s creative. Really. Well, I believe we’re all born creative and then life tends to help us unlearn that creativity. So, how can we remember and cultivate that imagination we had as children. Creativity is taking place all around us. The opportunities abound. We can help embue the world with a little more color. You can be the music maker and the dreamer of dreams. Sounds hokey, but its true.

Hey, you can even bring me to you!

If you’re interested in having me speak to your group, civic organization, convention, etc., pick up the phone and call right now (806-239-3657). I’m available for any size group, worldwide.