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Random Facts About Mark

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  • Jesus is quite alright with me. Although my belief system is a bit complex: I’m cool with gray areas and most people have to have their theology black and white. Ask me about it. I’d love to get into complicated discussions.
  • My beautiful wife, Mitzi (yes, our names together make us sound like some yuppie couple out of the 80s) makes me feel important. She challenges me to grow. And hey, brunettes with blue eyes are beautiful.
  • My daughters, Alex & Taylor, are growing up wayyyyy too fast. I try to corrupt them as little as possible. My “trying” is a little weak.
  • I’ve lost motivation to be seen as great among my peers. I only care about how my clients (a.k.a. friends) appreciate my work.
  • I don’t do very well attempting to keep my Facebook and Twitter updated; I am having so much fun I never stop to get on there and update my status. I am not sure how people do that. I guess they are not having as much excitement as they say they are.
  • I have a thing for semi-colon usage.
  • I don’t drink anything caffeinated. But I like my orange juice pulpy enough to eat with a fork.
  • My favorite colors are royal blue & black.
  • I love to eat combinations of sweet and salty/spicy.
  • I have four dogs (Border Collie, Shih-Tzu, Yorkie, and a Shepherd/Chow/?? Mix), two cats (a Calico and a B&W troublemaker), 2 rats (amazing pets!) and on occasion, I like to keep a spider around. Really.
  • Organization makes me happy.
  • I am a Mac person. You should be too.
  • My favorite band of all time is a-ha. My musical taste is a bit eclectic. I even love bluegrass.
  • I’ve wanted to be just about everything. From writer to adventure tour guide to magician to therapist. You name it. I’m interested.
  • I’m an ENTP. Almost to a fault. Type that into Google, read what comes up, and you’ll know me. Find out your profile too and tell me about it.
  • I love fall and winter.
  • I’m a bit of a thrill-seeker. Okay, a lot of a thrill-seeker.
  • I like easygoing, laid-back people.

Okay, that’s enough about me…. Now give me a shout and tell me about you.