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Portraiture Pricing

Okay, its time to get down to the business stuff.

Some photographers, okay, a LOT of photographers don't make it easy to find their pricing. You've got to call them, prove you're worthy, etc.

It's almost like they want to trick you into coming in. That's not the way I believe business should work, so I assume there are many of you who feel the same. I wanna do my homework on someplace I'm gonna patronize.

So, here you go, download a PDF of our pricing guide here:

Click here

Wedding Pricing

We're always tweaking it to be the best it can be. So, just give us a call (806-239-3657) and we'll get it right to you.

Our wedding commission is based on an hourly rate and ALWAYS includes the USB drive of all the images with a Copyright Release!

Everything Else

Eventually... someday... we'll have everything you could ever think about wanting dealing with photography, website design, logo creation, restorations, you get it, EVERYTHING, in our pricing guide.

Until we have a chance to breathe and create such a monstrosity, just give us a call or shoot us an email, and we'll give you just the quote you need.