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High School Seniors

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Well, I'm glad you found me. I try to fly under the radar a bit because I'm not for everyone.

I don't advertise. I don't want to. But ask around. Do the investigation. Then also look how similar the pictures of some seniors look.

But if you've found me, you're one of the ones that want something different, something not everyone else has. And those are the kind of seniors I specialize in. Those who have a unique spirit.

If you want something more traditional, we can recommend several other photographers. Okay, a LOT of other photographers.

Why do I want to photograph this kind of senior? 'Cause I'm in the same boat.
Let me tell you a bit about myself

I am clever, crazy, giving, independent, confident, funny, caring, full of ideas, laid back, nonjudgmental, and a fairly good conversationalist. I love learning about everything. I love people with good vocabularies, Spain, rainy days/thunderstorms, dogs, rats, spiders, traveling, meeting people, experiencing new things, expanding my knowledge, growing in mercy, and taking a chance every now and then. My all time worst pet peeve is people who aren't nice. We've only got a limited amount of time here and if you just cant be kind, just stay away. Please.

You know, art is for all the things you cant say out loud. And photography works to solve that pretty well. I've got plenty of words but there's just some things that work better with pictures. My favorite thing in photography is really capturing the person.

There are plenty of senior photographers, plenty who do whatever. I don't want to do whatever. I want to find you in the images we create. Really.

Do you have something special you want me to help you create? Bring the idea to me and let's make it happen.

So, are we a fit? If so, its time to call and book your appointment. You don't even have to go looking for a phone number cause it's 806-239-3657.