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I would love to work to give you — the performer, actor, or model — the perfect headshot that stands out from the crowd. If you’ve ever seen the stacks and books of headshots that casting agent looks through to fill a role, you’ll know you need something different. And if you’re needing a professional business headshot with a difference, well, I do those as well.

Let’s get what you need and finalize it into an electronic format. Then you can choose to have us print them. Or, if you need many prints, (we’re not going to try and rip you off so) we recommend PrintsCharm’n. They are one of the best we’ve come across and are headquartered in L.A. They’ll require either a digital file or print for duplication which I’ll provide for you in exactly the format you’ll need.

Performers or Business People: Preparing for a Headshot Photoshoot

For a performer, good photos are as important as a good audition. So take your time and prepare for a successful and comfortable photo shoot. Your photo should not “glamorize” your looks, but make you look the best you can be, naturally. Please read the following guidelines to help ensure a successful session.

For those of you needing business headshots, we’ll get it right for you. Look at your colleagues photos, decide what you don’t like and let’s do the opposite.

Please bring 2 changes of clothing to your session for a general headshot. Make sure your top is solid-color, one outfit lighter, one darker. Try to avoid turtleneck sweaters, plunging necklines and sleeveless tops or tanks. Make sure your clothing is wrinkle-resistant, as you may be sitting for an extended period of time. Do not wear clothes that are shiny or would otherwise reflect the light sources. Try on your clothes ahead of time, so there are no surprises at the shoot!

Hair and Makeup
For black & white photos, your makeup should be slightly heavier than you would normally use at night. If you choose to do your own makeup, please bring your makeup with you to the shoot, as you may need touch ups or changes. Both women and men should bring a powder base that matches your skin tone, to avoid skin shine from the lights. Please bring your own brush and comb, for sanitary reasons. Hairspray, curling iron, straightener, and blow dryer are provided.

Children’s Guidelines
We do not use makeup for girls under 14 years of age. For acting headshots, kids should look like kids: clothing should be clean and age-appropriate, and no jewelry should be worn. All people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult during the photo session.

Be Physically Ready
It’s important that you look your best for your photo. Take the photoshoot as seriously as an audition — get plenty of sleep the night before the sitting, and please be alcohol and drug free. Allow plenty of time for the photoshoot Don’t be rushing to or from another activity, as the stress will show on your face. Please be courteous and arrive on time.

Bring any previous headshots that you had taken or any particular magazine tear sheets that you like. We can review, together, what you like or don’t like about them. One friend or family member may accompany you to observe, as that tends to help you relax and look natural for the camera.

Review/Checklist – What to Bring:
Two changes of clothes: one light, one dark, solid colors, pressed
Women – Full makeup bags & hairstyling supplies
Men – Translucent powder & brush/comb
An adult for anyone under the age of 18