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The Craziest Weather This Lubbock Photographer Has Ever Seen

Posted by: In: Conversation, Journal 12 May 2009 Comments: 0 Tags: ,
1x1.trans The Craziest Weather This Lubbock Photographer Has Ever Seen

Just 45 minutes ago, I experienced the craziest weather phenomenon I’ve known. I have a bit of a background in meteorology, been in tornadoes, etc. Love studying weather.

Anyway, whilst sitting relaxing, winds started blowing. Hard. Something bad was happening.

I yelled for Taylor, grabbed our four dogs, and headed to the bathroom.

And as quickly as it started, it stopped. I went outside. It was sprinkling but there was nothing but whisps of clouds overhead. Neighbors were coming out of their houses.

So, what was it? A microburst. It’s a very localized column of sinking air. With very fast winds. Some recorded at higher than 168 mph. I’d easily guesstimate our winds were over 80-100 mph.

Trash cans are spread everywhere, branches broken, and my dog’s houses thrown across the yard. A rare experience to add to my life.

The above is an NASA artist’s rendering of a microburst. Many are invisible. Ours was.

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