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The above video is of Randy George of The Ether and Aether Experiment. They recently produced an amazing cover version (plus music video) of the Gnarls Barkley song “Crazy” as played on a Theremin. I love this. I’ve been wanting to build/experiment on/learn to play a theremin for a few years now. Maybe this’ll be my motivation. By the way, the theremin is the first musical instrument designed to be played without being touched; so you should be able to figure out which instrument it is. For more on theremins, check out Wikipedia.

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STOP READING NOW if you don’t want to know the endings of some great movies. I recently found a really cool t-shirt company with a really interesting shirt spoiling some great movies. Here ya go:

1x1.trans Spoilers Ahead

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I always had homework. I always procrastinated. But I got it done. And I liked school. But this was before the standardized testing of today. I saw this book on another blog I frequent.

1x1.trans Homework: Good or Bad?

I just had to rant about something tonight and now that summer break has hit, standardized testing is soooo frustrating. I want to make sure my daughter does well but that often means pushing her, especially in school. But I remember a time of my childhood when I did nothing, daydreaming and thinking and playing. This was the first year of testing for my daughter and she felt the pressure to perform. She’s eight. If you don’t push your child to perform, your kids will suffer by comparison to the parents who are.

The authors of the book, “The Case Against Homework,” report on an elementary school in North Carolina where at least twenty standardized test books have to be replaced after their use because the stressed out elementary school kids working to them have vomited on them.

I’d be curious if my dad knows if any courses on homework theory and design are on the curriculum at the colleges where he teaches.

Oh well, just thought I’d throw that out.

If you’re interested, Sara Bennett, co-author of the book, pushes the movement at StopHomework.com.

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I just got saw an image of Al Gore’s little setup for his Mac (and I thought mine was cool). Let’s just say, I see this in my near future (should I win the lottery). But I think his desk is also very interesting. He should pay someone to tidy up.

1x1.trans Al Gore’s Setup

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I actually like the weather here in West Texas. However, I don’t necessarily like the conditions. All that to say, I love meteorology. I love the seeming randomness. I love it when “professionals” get it totally wrong. I’d love to be wrong that often in what I do and still get a paycheck.

1x1.trans Weather

Anyway, I was reminded recently of the easy way to check your weather online. Don’t bother with weather.com or some other site that you have to wade through to get to your local forecast. Just type “weather:806″ into Google (minus the quotes and replacing the 806 with your local area code). You’ll be given a 4-day weather forecast and today’s temperature, wind, and humidity. Pretty convenient, eh?

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I was reminded this morning of a cool little experiment over at St. Andrew’s Perception Laboratory. You upload a very basic headshot of yourself and then the online java program transforms your face into all sorts of wonderful crazy transformations. So, I present myself in all my glorious hideousness (well, some are cool). See if you can figure out what nationality or style they’re transformed into. (Realize it tried to do something with my ears and since they don’t really protrude, you’ll see some weird sort of protrusions where the program is trying to make me have funky ears). 1x1.trans Mark’s Facial Transformation 1x1.trans Mark’s Facial Transformation 1x1.trans Mark’s Facial Transformation 1x1.trans Mark’s Facial Transformation 1x1.trans Mark’s Facial Transformation 1x1.trans Mark’s Facial Transformation 1x1.trans Mark’s Facial Transformation 1x1.trans Mark’s Facial Transformation

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1x1.trans On Creativity One of my favorite blogs is over at Lifehacker. Recently they had an article on how to be a creative genius. My favorite part is the idea that one of the keys to creativity is to ask questions. Here are some of their ideas mixed with mine as well. Questions are the root of all knowledge and creativity. By continually asking questions about the world around us, we fuel our creative fire. Great minds are those that have asked the greatest questions. Leonardo da Vinci asked such questions as: “Why does the thunder last a longer time than that which causes it?” and “Why is the sky blue?” Socrates asked such questions as: * “What is wisdom?” * “What is piety?” * “What is beauty?” As a young boy, Albert Einstein asked himself, “What would it be like to run beside a light beam at the speed of light?” A number of inventions have been created by asking one simple question… “What if…..?” By asking questions we increase our level of consciousness and our perspective of the world. And on top of it all, asking questions can make one into a great conversationalist. (see Dale Carnegie’s ideas).

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1x1.trans Pirates & Mickey

After a recent trip to Disneyland, I’ve become a bit of a convert to the cult of Disney. And when I saw this t-shirt, I thought I may have to get it. I love Mickey and I love pirate stuff. Go to This Cool T-Shirt Store and check it out.

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1x1.trans Facebook I’ve had a Facebook for a while but never really got much into it.

But within the last week, I’ve had everyone asking. So, if you’re on, get over there and add me as a friend.

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Anyone who knows me knows that I really like to ask questions. It’s such a simple thing and you can never be accused of being a bad conversationalist. Remind me sometime to tell you the Dale Carnegie story. Anyway, a blog I recently read had a great question to ask. Try it out, just ask your partner, friends, family, and new acquaintances: Let’s say you can have free, for five years, the services of ONE of the following… which would you choose & why:

  • Cook (a really talented one) 1x1.trans Questions
  • Personal trainer
  • Personal assistant
  • Housekeeper
  • Driver
  • Nanny

Easy call for me, Housekeeper. Holy cow! To be able to not have to worry about laundry, dusting (in Lubbock, TX, you could dust daily and not ever catch up), vacuuming, etc. Now, if I could get the same services out of a Personal Assistant, that might work as well.