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1x1.trans Improvement

Here’s a quote from Charles Darwin that’s of interest in thinking about working on ourselves (now don’t get all crazy based on what you think of Darwin, truth is truth when you find it):

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

I was reading a friend’s blog recently and and he was discussing what was the BIG SECRET to becoming a better person? A better photographer? Better wife/husband, employer, sister/brother, friend, neighbor, parent, whatever…???

The answer is…

Are you ready. Like me, and like most folks, we don’t like the answer.

Which is…

We need to work at it. The key word being work. Ugh! What an ugly sounding word that is.

But the truth is right there in front of us.

To be truly progressive and always growing, prospering, we need to work on ourselves. We need to be learning, and over time, we grow upwards, climbing, and enjoying the view the higher we get.

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Just experimenting with a quicker way to post on my blog. I’m writing this post on my iPhone. May not be able to post images with a posting but the developers of the magic that is allowing me to do this are working on it.

So maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to publish on here.a bit more frequently.

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I’m also asked what point and shoot camera someone should buy and after responding to an email of a friend asking that question, here’s my answers:

Get one of Canon’s newest cameras (even though in the big professional cameras, I’d recommend a Nikon; just buy based on budget any of these).

Here’s the model numbers to try, in order of my favs:

Canon Powershot SD890 IS
Canon Powershot SD790 IS (just like 770 but bigger screen)
Canon Powershot SD770 IS

1x1.trans What camera?

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Taylor, my 7 year old, participated in what has become an regular event for Honey Elementary Second Graders, Grecian Day. They spend weeks researching the ancient gods and goddesses of the Greek world and then present to classmates and family their findings. On top of that, they get to go dressed as their favorite character. Taylor picked Athena and you wouldn’t believe the costume she prepped. She finally stood in front of the class and spoke of the qualities of Athena. Great work Tay! Check out her teacher!

1x1.trans Taylors Grecian Experience
1x1.trans Taylors Grecian Experience
1x1.trans Taylors Grecian Experience
1x1.trans Taylors Grecian Experience
1x1.trans Taylors Grecian Experience
1x1.trans Taylors Grecian Experience
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Alex, my 9 year old, participated in her school’s science fair. She came up with a pretty interesting hypothesis connecting age with lung capacity and how all that works. She won a place to participate in the regional fair (only 5th graders can progress to state). And then she wound up walking away with a First Place. Yay!! She’s excited about participating next year and maybe expanding her project. I walked away feeling proud but also excited that I’m planning on sponsoring an award next year, something big, stay tuned.

1x1.trans The Science Fair
1x1.trans The Science Fair
1x1.trans The Science Fair
1x1.trans The Science Fair

By the way, it was really sad that no media was there to support these kids (4th – 12th graders). We had the brightest minds in the region, all in the United Spirit Arena, and anyway….

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One of my daughters, Taylor, lost a tooth yesterday and wrote the following letter to the Tooth Fairy. What can one do? It’s pure sweetness.

1x1.trans The Tooth Fairy
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I was talking with a good neighbor tonight (hey Jana!) about life and she mentioned how her family loves to do trips together. The whole family. Her parents, her siblings and their kids. And someone asked her how you all get along and she said something great. She said, “We just love each other anyway.” Not “in spite of,” not “just because.” We should just love anyway. Wow! That’s good stuff.

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• Own fewer things

• Do fewer things

• Sleep enough

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My birthday was great!! I celebrated #?? on February 11th with some family and very dear friends. Thanks to everyone who wrote me. My wife helped make it wonderful. She’s great!!

Also, had to post a sample of what we shot today. Leigh Bayouth was in choosing her daughter’s images and we convinced her to go into the studio and take a few shots herself. She was striking. Very exotic. Here’s a sample.

1x1.trans Thanks for the birthday wishes!!
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Mitzi’s making me watch American Idol as I write this. I’ve watched bits and pieces over the last six years, but it’s painful. Not just having to watch the horrible entries who the producers know will make us cringe. But I guess I’m just one for more instant gratification. I don’t want to wait an entire season to find out who wins.

I really only have fun watching Simon. He says he’s going to be more brutal this year. That’s wonderful. Brutal honesty. Especially needed for some contestants to give up their hopes and dreams that have been misplaced.

1x1.trans Watching American Idol

And then it’s interesting watching Ryan Seacrest. I’ve been saying for quite sometime that he’s the next Dick Clark. And I know that some older folks will dismiss that saying that he’s nowhere close to Clark. But that’s not what I’m saying. Go back to the word, “next.”

Believe me, I understand those who don’t like him. Originally, I hated Seacrest. Just because.

Now it’s great to watch Ryan squiggle into everything he can. He’s not only a, well, whatever he calls himself on American Idol. He’s also been executive producer on the New Year’s Rockin Eve for the past few years along with executive producing most of those red carpet shows. He’s finally coming into his own. The stiltiness is going away and he’s just being himself.

Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Okay, I just watched the segment with some dude who peels off his fingernails and has been saving them in a bag since he was in the sixth grade. Arghhhh!