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It’s funny how one remembers things. Tonight, talking to my wife, I said a phrase that came from the past, “Hey good looking, I’ll be back to pick you up later.” Quick quiz, where did that phrase come from? Well, in case you can’t remember or if you weren’t alive when that came into existence, here’s a reminder.

Just been thinking about this for a while. It’d be interesting to put percentages with each of these four loves. In my opinion, they’re in order. You almost can’t do the third without doing the first and second….

Would love to know what some of you who read my blog regularly think. Or better yet, let’s just do ‘em.

The love for equals is a human thing—of friend for friend, brother for brother. It is to love what is loving and lovely. The world smiles.

The love for the less fortunate is a beautiful thing—the love for those who suffer, for those who are poor, the sick, the failures, the unlovely. This is compassion, and it touches the heart of the world.

The love for the more fortunate is a rare thing—to love those who succeed where we fail, to rejoice without envy with those who rejoice, the love of the poor for the rich, of the black man for the white man. The world is always bewildered by its saints.

And then there is the love for the enemy—love for the one who does not love you but mocks, threatens, and inflicts pain. The tortured’s love for the torturer. This is God’s love. It conquers the world.

Source: Frederick Buechner, The Magnificent Defeat

My daughter Alex was baptized this Sunday. Words don’t do justice to what’s in a dad’s heart. So, just thought I’d share.

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Okay, I didn’t want to publicize this but my wife did such a great job at:
1) surprising me (my real bday is February 11th, but it’d be way too obvious to try to surprise me on the actual day),
2) making a significant celebration not a downer (she’s good at that),
3) doing the little things that made it really cool (check out the picture board after the video, yes, that’s my hair in all of it’s 80′s waviness).

To top it off, the card I’m reading toward the end contains a gift certificate from her for a lil’ skydiving action (she actually found something I hadn’t experienced, yay!!).

So, I grabbed a bunch of friend’s pics from Facebook (thanks Jen & Kathy) and made a slideshow to share my special time.

1x1.trans a little bday celebration
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Last weekend, I took my wife on a date and we saw Slumdog Millionaire. Very interesting movie. I love good storytelling and it simply was a good story. One song just captivated me, Jai Ho. The composer, A R Rahman, is the first Indian to win the Golden Globe for the best original music score.

I’ve heard that it’s quite captivating to Indian ears but I think it transcends culture to a degree. My ears perked up as well since I speak Spanish and there’s a verse in the song that mixes in Spanish with the Hindi.

If you haven’t seen the movie, check it out. It wasn’t until it started getting nominated for awards that our local theaters had the guts to release it locally. The translation I’ve found online is beautiful:

Jai Ho = Something between “Hail” and “Hallelujah”

Come, come my Life, under the canopy
Come under the blue brocade sky!

Iota by iota, I have lost my life, in faith
I’ve passed this night dancing on coals
I blew away the sleep that was in my eyes
I counted the stars till my finger burned

Come, come my Life, under the canopy
Come under the blue brocade sky!

Taste it, taste it, this night is honey
Taste it, and keep it,
It’s a heart; the heart is the final limit
You dark black kohl **
It’s some black magic, isn’t it?

Come, come my Life, under the canopy
Come under the blue brocade sky!

For how long, how very long
It’s been on your lips
Say it, now say it
The eye is downcast
Such lit up eyes
Are they two lit-up dimaonds(?) ?

Come, come my Life, under the canopy
Come under the blue brocade sky!

the Spanish part is:

Baila! Baila!
(Dance! Dance!)

Ahora conmigo, tu baila para hoy
(Now with me, you dance for today)

Por nuestro dia de movidas,
(For our day of moves,)

los problemas los que sean
(whatever problems may be)


Baila! Baila!
(Dance! Dance!)

** Oh and in case you thought I was thinking of a department store when I typed that word, kohl is a kind of makeup used especially in places like India and the Middle East to darken around the eyes.

Thanks to http://inkspillz.blogspot.com/ for the Hindi translation. My Hindi is quite, well very, limited.

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1x1.trans a completely new website... and new blog design too.

Yes, I can’t believe it myself. We’ve got a new website. When you design it yourself, there tends to be lotsa time between redesigns. But I think you’ll like it. Let me know what you think, well, only if it’s good, lol. There are a few little things we’ll be taking care of in the next few weeks but it’s 98% ready, and as it stands in a crazy, busy thing we call life, that’s all good.

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1x1.trans blog love

Okay, we’re facing up to it. This blog is hurting for some love. It’s on the way, and how! And by the way, a new website is moving quickly along the path as well.

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1x1.trans International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Avast! For those o’ you who didn’t remember, today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day. So, don’t be a land lubber, say, “Arrr!” and join us in the frolicking.

Having trouble knowing exactly how to do it, check out this website.

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I’m writing this from the recovery room of Covenant Hospital’s SurgiCenter via my iPhone (I needed to try posting from my phone).

My daughter, Alex, just had her tonsils and adenoids out. Man, that’s some crazy kind of everyday surgery (Alex would probably say no to that ‘everyday’ comment and say this is the worse pain she’s ever had). But it’s really cool what it’ll do for her.

So, to tide you over till my next post, here’s a quick pic of her getting ready for surgery and then the results, her tonsils (yep, we get to keep ‘em).

1x1.trans Tonsils

1x1.trans Tonsils

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We took the girls to Dallas a few days ago to see two of their favorite things: The American Girl Store and The Jonas Brothers. Yes, I was there. Was it fun going to something that had absolutely no possibility of any sort of “male-ness” involved? Uhhh, well, uh, let’s just say I had fun watching my girls have fun. So, without further adieu, evidence…

“THE” Store

1x1.trans The Jonas Bros. & American Girl

“Hey Dad (eyelashes batting), come in and spend some money!”

1x1.trans The Jonas Bros. & American Girl

Yes, they have it all.

1x1.trans The Jonas Bros. & American Girl

Notice what this doll has in her hand. Then look at the next image.

1x1.trans The Jonas Bros. & American Girl

Says it all.

1x1.trans The Jonas Bros. & American Girl

Yes, that’s $20 to put your doll’s hair in a braid.

1x1.trans The Jonas Bros. & American Girl

But Alex is happy.

1x1.trans The Jonas Bros. & American Girl

And so is Taylor.

1x1.trans The Jonas Bros. & American Girl

Everybody was signing one of the Jonas Brothers’ bus.

1x1.trans The Jonas Bros. & American Girl

My girls.

1x1.trans The Jonas Bros. & American Girl

An image from the back, just to give you an idea of the massive number of screaming girls. My guess is that there was 1 male for every 100 females (probably not an exaggeration).

1x1.trans The Jonas Bros. & American Girl

That’s Nick singing. The one thing that’s nice is that they’re still humble. They love the audience and really work hard (tons of sweat) to put on a good show.

1x1.trans The Jonas Bros. & American Girl

Toward the end, they were elevated on these little platforms. It I were Disney (their owners), I’d have a harness attached to each one of these guys. Too much $$$ at stake.

1x1.trans The Jonas Bros. & American Girl