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1x1.trans watch Mark in the Tide To Go Commercial
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Mitzi’s making me watch American Idol as I write this. I’ve watched bits and pieces over the last six years, but it’s painful. Not just having to watch the horrible entries who the producers know will make us cringe. But I guess I’m just one for more instant gratification. I don’t want to wait an entire season to find out who wins.

I really only have fun watching Simon. He says he’s going to be more brutal this year. That’s wonderful. Brutal honesty. Especially needed for some contestants to give up their hopes and dreams that have been misplaced.

1x1.trans Watching American Idol

And then it’s interesting watching Ryan Seacrest. I’ve been saying for quite sometime that he’s the next Dick Clark. And I know that some older folks will dismiss that saying that he’s nowhere close to Clark. But that’s not what I’m saying. Go back to the word, “next.”

Believe me, I understand those who don’t like him. Originally, I hated Seacrest. Just because.

Now it’s great to watch Ryan squiggle into everything he can. He’s not only a, well, whatever he calls himself on American Idol. He’s also been executive producer on the New Year’s Rockin Eve for the past few years along with executive producing most of those red carpet shows. He’s finally coming into his own. The stiltiness is going away and he’s just being himself.

Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Okay, I just watched the segment with some dude who peels off his fingernails and has been saving them in a bag since he was in the sixth grade. Arghhhh!

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My mom was digging around some old pictures and found this of a visit to St. Nick. She didn’t want me to post it since her eyes were closed so just imagine they aren’t (for her sake).

1x1.trans An Early Christmas

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The evidence concerning brussell sprouts for which myself and all kids have been waiting:

1x1.trans How kids believe the world works