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Yes, I’m a photographer. But here’s the deal. That’s only part of me. I know so many people whose profession is photography but it seems like they have no life outside of that. I understand obsession but balance is a good thing. So, photography is my profession but there are so many other things that make me Mark.

So, that’s what this little section of my website is about. Yes, I’ll talk about photography and some of the shoots I’m doing and maybe have some tips and tricks. But you can also read about other stuff that stirs my fancy as well. And I usually won’t post completed images from shoots here; that’s why my portfolio exists.

Oh, and if it looks like there are major gaps in writing. That’s because life got too busy. But I’ve got some systems in place to start making it easier to post here. Let’s just see how it goes.

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Well, my wedding that is. Yep folks, I just tied the knot this weekend with my beautiful bride, Mitzi Worsham. And it was great!

We couldn’t just do anything ordinary, so we opted for a surprise wedding. The only ones who knew in advance about it were our parents and our girls. Everyone thought they were coming to an “engagement” party. And amidst the socializing and the sitdown dinner in the banquet hall, the adjoining room’s walls were flung open to a minister saying, “Come on over, we’re having a wedding!”

Chad Mitchell, Mitzi’s cousin and pastor of The Mission in Abilene officiated and often brought us to tears. The best way to describe it might be an email intercepted this morning from a relative:

We just had a wonderfully, glorious time at the Surprise Wedding of Mitzi and Mark! We wish all our part of the family had been there to enjoy it but it was their choice and they paid the price!!! They certainly missed out on a really special wedding. I just thought it was truly the most beautifully done that I have even been privileged to observe! Chad was wonderful… he had many, many wonderful words to say to Mitzi and Mark and to us all! And Mitzi’s vows were outstandingly written… Mark’s were great but Mitzii’s beat him out for the best! (editor’s note: ARGGGHH! And I worked on those for days!!) And the vows they each did to Alex and Taylor were the perfect way to tell the girls and everyone that they are now all a family. It was just a wonderfully orchestrated wedding…. well done, but truly personal…. I loved it! Can you tell? So, we’ve got to hit the sack early tonight…. don’t think it will take us long to be asleep tonight after this whirlwind of a weekend! But, as I said, we loved every minute of it!

I’m hoping to be able to upload some images from the experience soon. My good friend, Tonya Hagy, was generous enough to be our “official” photographer. Although she claimed she was so nervous shooting another photographer’s wedding, she did wonderfully. Now I just have to get on the ball with all the other weddings we’re up to our eyeballs in here at the studio. We’ll be in Lake Tahoe soon, shooting a wedding for a wonderful bride and groom. Now I completely know what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera at a wedding. Expect good changes friends!! In life, in love, in laughter, and in images!!

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One of my absolute favorite models with whom I LOVE working with dropped by to chat today (that’s Ashlee K). She brought along a friend, Kristin, to keep me on my toes. After finally convincing her to step in front of the camera. Here’s what we got. Yep, she’s beautiful. So, just enjoy.

1x1.trans Back In The Saddle

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live·li·hood (l?v’l?-h?d’) n. Means of support; subsistence.

I’m getting better. For those of you who don’t know, I’m in week 5 after breaking the ball off the top of my humerus, my left shoulder. I was pursuing one of my favorite extreme sports – paragliding (jumping off high places with a parachute, sometimes with a motor attached to your back; safer than basejumping but still…). Well, according to friends and family, I’m now officially retired from that sport. Rough landing after a short takeoff.

Tonight I’m sitting here aching. I just figured out that it feels a lot like “very severe” growing pains. Can you remember those? Alex, my daughter, complains about them regularly. Mine make me want to cry (or just take more pain killers.

I was reading tonight about B.B. King’s hands. He said, “I’m more careful about my hands than about what I eat and most anything else, because my hands have been my living. My hands have been able to help me learn. My hands have taken me around the world. So I’m very proud of my hands.” I was going to post a picture of what my injuries looked like but I want people to continue reading my blog, and gross stuff like that doesn’t increase reader loyalty. So here’s what B.B.’s hands look like:

1x1.trans Livelihood

So, it’s time for me to take serious my livelihood. My hands, arms, and eyes are my bread and butter. Thus, I’m taking suggestions. Really. Give me an idea or two about ways to satisfy my little adrenaline-interested mind.

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Well, after a day of waiting in a line (actually Lissa held our place most of the day while I just checked in every now and then) I got my iPhone. Yep, 29th person in Lubbock. And yes, it is basically everything it is cracked up to be.

1x1.trans My iPhone

The design is beautiful. Much thinner than my old Treo 650. Svelte and sleek. And I agree with what I read that it was “designed by angels.” Solid. Not heavy, but solid.

1x1.trans My iPhone

Everything works like magic and is truly a revelation to use, much like your first experience with a Macintosh. And we can finally seamlessly sync with everything in the studio (of course, we only use Macs)!

Ask to see it, I’ll be glad to show it off!

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The above video is of Randy George of The Ether and Aether Experiment. They recently produced an amazing cover version (plus music video) of the Gnarls Barkley song “Crazy” as played on a Theremin. I love this. I’ve been wanting to build/experiment on/learn to play a theremin for a few years now. Maybe this’ll be my motivation. By the way, the theremin is the first musical instrument designed to be played without being touched; so you should be able to figure out which instrument it is. For more on theremins, check out Wikipedia.

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STOP READING NOW if you don’t want to know the endings of some great movies. I recently found a really cool t-shirt company with a really interesting shirt spoiling some great movies. Here ya go:

1x1.trans Spoilers Ahead

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I always had homework. I always procrastinated. But I got it done. And I liked school. But this was before the standardized testing of today. I saw this book on another blog I frequent.

1x1.trans Homework: Good or Bad?

I just had to rant about something tonight and now that summer break has hit, standardized testing is soooo frustrating. I want to make sure my daughter does well but that often means pushing her, especially in school. But I remember a time of my childhood when I did nothing, daydreaming and thinking and playing. This was the first year of testing for my daughter and she felt the pressure to perform. She’s eight. If you don’t push your child to perform, your kids will suffer by comparison to the parents who are.

The authors of the book, “The Case Against Homework,” report on an elementary school in North Carolina where at least twenty standardized test books have to be replaced after their use because the stressed out elementary school kids working to them have vomited on them.

I’d be curious if my dad knows if any courses on homework theory and design are on the curriculum at the colleges where he teaches.

Oh well, just thought I’d throw that out.

If you’re interested, Sara Bennett, co-author of the book, pushes the movement at StopHomework.com.