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Yes, I’m a photographer. But here’s the deal. That’s only part of me. I know so many people whose profession is photography but it seems like they have no life outside of that. I understand obsession but balance is a good thing. So, photography is my profession but there are so many other things that make me Mark.

So, that’s what this little section of my website is about. Yes, I’ll talk about photography and some of the shoots I’m doing and maybe have some tips and tricks. But you can also read about other stuff that stirs my fancy as well. And I usually won’t post completed images from shoots here; that’s why my portfolio exists.

Oh, and if it looks like there are major gaps in writing. That’s because life got too busy. But I’ve got some systems in place to start making it easier to post here. Let’s just see how it goes.

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Mitzi’s making me watch American Idol as I write this. I’ve watched bits and pieces over the last six years, but it’s painful. Not just having to watch the horrible entries who the producers know will make us cringe. But I guess I’m just one for more instant gratification. I don’t want to wait an entire season to find out who wins.

I really only have fun watching Simon. He says he’s going to be more brutal this year. That’s wonderful. Brutal honesty. Especially needed for some contestants to give up their hopes and dreams that have been misplaced.

1x1.trans Watching American Idol

And then it’s interesting watching Ryan Seacrest. I’ve been saying for quite sometime that he’s the next Dick Clark. And I know that some older folks will dismiss that saying that he’s nowhere close to Clark. But that’s not what I’m saying. Go back to the word, “next.”

Believe me, I understand those who don’t like him. Originally, I hated Seacrest. Just because.

Now it’s great to watch Ryan squiggle into everything he can. He’s not only a, well, whatever he calls himself on American Idol. He’s also been executive producer on the New Year’s Rockin Eve for the past few years along with executive producing most of those red carpet shows. He’s finally coming into his own. The stiltiness is going away and he’s just being himself.

Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Okay, I just watched the segment with some dude who peels off his fingernails and has been saving them in a bag since he was in the sixth grade. Arghhhh!

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If you’re reading this, you might have already noticed. We’ve changed things around and we’re not finished. So, we ask patience. Lots of it. This is a major overhaul and should be great once finished. Yes, there are probably some links not up to speed yet. If you need immediate info, give us a call.

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My mom was digging around some old pictures and found this of a visit to St. Nick. She didn’t want me to post it since her eyes were closed so just imagine they aren’t (for her sake).

1x1.trans An Early Christmas

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1x1.trans 5 People To Invite To Dinner

So, lately, to take my mind off the busy Christmas schedule, I’ve been imagining who’d I’d invite to dinner if I could invite anyone. Living or dead. And I think I’ve come up with my answer. Here’s my list, in no particular order (with a little commentary):

Jesus (yes, a bit cliché, but who better when you’re a Christian)
Mitzi (my wife; a necessary ingredient to keeping the conversation lively)
Michael Shermer (an atheist skeptic whose books I consider necessary reading)
Stephen Colbert (a favorite who’d let the world know how the dinner went)
Richard Umstot (my dad, I just want to let him in on all the fun)

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The evidence concerning brussell sprouts for which myself and all kids have been waiting:

1x1.trans How kids believe the world works

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Just reading one of the many, many blogs that I scan regularly and came across this idea: More than anyone or anything else, we take God for granted. We’re on a planet that is spinning at 1000 mph around it axis and traveling 66,600 mph through space. We’ll travel 1.3 million miles today in our annual trek around the sun. So when was the last time you thanked God for keeping us in orbit? Probably never! We take it for granted.

1x1.trans Taking things for granted

And yes, I side with the big bang theorists and love my evolutionary theory but there’s just some things that we have to accept as being just too carefully created. Anyway….

Right next to God, I think I often take my parents and my wife for granted. What about you? My parents have become quite important in my life as of late and my wife is the bedrock of our home (making it into a true “home.” But yes, I often take them for granted. So, Richard (Dad), Kitty (Mom), and Mitzi (Babe), I just wanted to say thanks for being there, showing love even when it isn’t deserved, and keeping faith at the center.

Wow! Pretty mushy… but warranted.

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My wonderful daughter Alex and her beautiful new stepsister Taylor started school again today. Alex in the 4th and Taylor in 2nd. Here’s their morning journey in pictures to start yet another great year at Honey Elementary:

On the march…

1x1.trans Another First Day of School

The Bears…

1x1.trans Another First Day of School

Across the wet grass…

1x1.trans Another First Day of School

Our new principal, Mr. Neeb…

1x1.trans Another First Day of School

Jam it in there Tay…

1x1.trans Another First Day of School

It all fit…

1x1.trans Another First Day of School

Taylor & Mrs. Goodwin…

1x1.trans Another First Day of School

Her desk…

1x1.trans Another First Day of School

Cool lunchbox & messenger bag that can double as space blankets…

1x1.trans Another First Day of School

Along with a candy color camouflaged binder…

1x1.trans Another First Day of School

Alex and Mrs. Wright…

1x1.trans Another First Day of School

Alex already at work one minute after stepping foot in class…

1x1.trans Another First Day of School

P.S. Just got ‘em from school. They both LOVED this first day back!