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Yes, I’m a photographer. But here’s the deal. That’s only part of me. I know so many people whose profession is photography but it seems like they have no life outside of that. I understand obsession but balance is a good thing. So, photography is my profession but there are so many other things that make me Mark.

So, that’s what this little section of my website is about. Yes, I’ll talk about photography and some of the shoots I’m doing and maybe have some tips and tricks. But you can also read about other stuff that stirs my fancy as well. And I usually won’t post completed images from shoots here; that’s why my portfolio exists.

Oh, and if it looks like there are major gaps in writing. That’s because life got too busy. But I’ve got some systems in place to start making it easier to post here. Let’s just see how it goes.

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I absolutely loved today. Well, the weather that is. Almost foggy, a touch of coolness, overcast, still, light rain every now and then. Starting to feel like Fall. Thunder is sounding off in the distance as I write. Beautiful.

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Just thought you might like to see me as an animated dude from a show on Comedy Central that my mom doesn’t like. Enjoy!

1x1.trans Mark’s Newest Self Portrait

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We have 263 churches in Lubbock, where’s the differences. When did we decide what makes ‘church’ church.


I’m in the worship service at The Mission as I type this. It is an emergent, quite postmodern church in Abilene.


We have a couple of churches similar in style in Lubbock (I’m a part of Heights Fellowship) but where’s the diversity? Argh! This is what I long for — people from all backgrounds coming together in worship of the One. There are people here who just parked their homes out front (their cars) and those who came from their nice homes. There is a professor of bible from Hardin-Simmons University helping to lead music and a long-haired, barefoot, elementary school teachin’ bass player along with smells and looks and casualness that would have people in some other churches saying this is of satan.


People on the floor, a guy painting a related piece of art, the guy who did the pastor’s tattoos hanging out outside the back door.


It feels good here. I feel home.

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Welcome to Mark’s new blog. Seems a waste that all my other posts have disappeared but, oh well. Read regularly and I promise to keep you updated on Mark Umstot Photography and my life in general.