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Addiction | Lubbock Photographer

Posted by: In: Fun, Journal 06 Jan 2010 Comments: 0 Tags: ,
1x1.trans Addiction | Lubbock Photographer

I think I have to confess that I have an addiction… to mustard. Yes, it’s weird but I can’t seem to help it. Okay, I might need some clarification on the exact nature of my dependency because it always seems to go along with pretzels.

So, tonight, the craving was too much. I looked online for pretzel recipes. Although all the ingredients are here in the house, the time to completion would be 2 hours. Yipes! Way too much time. So, it’s time to find another dealer for this craving.

Yes, it’s way frigid outside. The cold front had come in and no one in their right mind was going out. Except for those of us with needs. I found out Target carries the frozen SuperPretzels. I bundled up, put on my gloves, and headed out. Probably only 5 people in Target. But I headed straight to the frozen section. There they were. I splurged and bought two boxes. 12 total pretzels. $4.35. Yes!

Home to the oven. Pretzels soon were warm and toasty. Holy cow! Like a burst of tartness upon my tongue. Mmmm!

Don’t worry trying to help my addiction to condiment that condiment. I know some would like to wean me on to something softer, like cheese, but I’m too far gone.

Go ahead. You need some now. Indulge. Feed that longing for all the mustard-y goodness.

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