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A Way of Life in Lubbock | A Lubbock Photographer’s View

Posted by: In: Conversation, Journal 16 Apr 2009 Comments: 1 Tags: ,

I have a bit of a meteorology background (one of about 15 zillion hobbies I pursue), by no means am I an expert but weather fascinates me. Lubbock’s weather is actually pretty predictable and earlier today it looked like we were going to have some bad weather. And… we did.

I cut short my previews schedule at the studio and headed home to let our four dogs inside. They tend to panic with this kind of weather.

It took a while to get home with several stops under trees and under overpasses to try to avoid dents. We made it but haven’t checked the car yet. I’m sure it probably didn’t make it without some damage.

Just got word from my wife (she’s driving back from an out-of-town conference) that she’s got dents. Hard to avoid with golf ball ice pelting your car with terminal velocity.

For you technical types, many tornadoes develop from supercell thunderstorms (especially here in West Texas) that initially a strong rotation aloft at mid-levels of the storm (usually), descending to ground or developing at low-levels subsequently. Luckily, the tornado potential of these storms is readily detectable by Doppler radar and usually allows tornado warnings with lead times of about 10 minutes or more.

We had many tornadic mezocyclones (basically, potential tornadoes) everywhere but we’re safe now.

Snowplows are actually out a little south of where we live (4-7 inches of hail), clearing the interstate. Dumpsters have been reported as floating in some areas. Crazy, eh?

Anyway, here’s a quick phone picture outside our garage.

1x1.trans A Way of Life in Lubbock | A Lubbock Photographers View

Comments: 1

  1. Posted by Manda 20 Apr 2009 at 6:16 pm

    WOW! We drove through some of these storms on our way to Dallas that day. Luckily, we beat all the hail. I didn’t realize you were such a weather buff. Next time we have bad storms, give us a call. We love going out & photographing and chasing the storms…especially tornadic ones.

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