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a little bday celebration

Posted by: In: Conversation, Fun, Journal 08 Feb 2009 Comments: 1

Okay, I didn’t want to publicize this but my wife did such a great job at:
1) surprising me (my real bday is February 11th, but it’d be way too obvious to try to surprise me on the actual day),
2) making a significant celebration not a downer (she’s good at that),
3) doing the little things that made it really cool (check out the picture board after the video, yes, that’s my hair in all of it’s 80′s waviness).

To top it off, the card I’m reading toward the end contains a gift certificate from her for a lil’ skydiving action (she actually found something I hadn’t experienced, yay!!).

So, I grabbed a bunch of friend’s pics from Facebook (thanks Jen & Kathy) and made a slideshow to share my special time.

1x1.trans a little bday celebration

Comments: 1

  1. Posted by C 10 Feb 2009 at 3:02 pm

    GOOD TIMES MY FRIEND, Glad we could be present to celebrate four decades of an amazing life…

    Live to Love.

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