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5 People To Invite To Dinner

Posted by: In: Journal, Mitzi 17 Dec 2007 Comments: 0

1x1.trans 5 People To Invite To Dinner

So, lately, to take my mind off the busy Christmas schedule, I’ve been imagining who’d I’d invite to dinner if I could invite anyone. Living or dead. And I think I’ve come up with my answer. Here’s my list, in no particular order (with a little commentary):

Jesus (yes, a bit cliché, but who better when you’re a Christian)
Mitzi (my wife; a necessary ingredient to keeping the conversation lively)
Michael Shermer (an atheist skeptic whose books I consider necessary reading)
Stephen Colbert (a favorite who’d let the world know how the dinner went)
Richard Umstot (my dad, I just want to let him in on all the fun)

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