Online proofing is for one of two groupings:

1) Our regular portrait/wedding clients and are placed online subject to a $30 fee and are placed here for 14 days only. (The $30 fee is refundable if order is placed within 72 hours of proofing gallery going live).
2) For schools and other groups. No fee is involved. Just follow the instructions in your gallery after entering your password above.

By viewing your proofs online, you've agreed to our copyright policy and won't copy the online images in any way. Thanks for your honesty.

FINE PRINT (well, not too fine):

• All print orders require prepayment! Call us with your credit card number or mail a check (either way, please call to confirm the total. Our ordering system doesn't allow our packages which could result in a discount).

• Please place orders before your deadline.

• Refer to the Rates page for current prices and remember to add sales tax in ordering.

• Additional 14 day periods or to come in for a second viewing presentation are subject to an additional $30 fee.

If you have the opportunity to view your presentation at the studio, it's truly a better experience. The resolution is higher and you'll see your images larger than your home computer screens (not to mention you'll avoid the $30 fee we require to have your prints uploaded). We realize some of our clients are out of town and to those who do, we provide this service free of charge as a convenience.
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