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Mark Umstot Photography is a Texas-based photography studio specializing in High-Impact photography with a true difference.

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Good day! Let me take a moment to introduce myself, I'm Mark Umstot. I'm simply a photographer based in Lubbock, Texas. I love everything about photography, whether wedding, portrait, commercial, maternity, or even boudoir.

Though I come from a fashion photography background, I've now made Lubbock, Texas, my home, and expanded into as many different avenues that my art can show. Being a proficient and experienced photographer has opened up opportunities to photograph thousands nationwide, whether creating a simple family memory, capturing your very special wedding day, or fabricating the photography side of a perfect commercial campaign.

Portrait Photography

Is it time to update that family portrait? Children grow so much faster than we want them. Believe me, I know. I'm a professional photographer and I don't think I can take enough pictures of my girls. Let me follow your family as they grow and change over the years by creating family portraits that are different. Those that capture photographically the personalities that make your family unique. Challenge me. Let's make something special!

Wedding, Engagement, & Bridal Photography

Probably one of the most special events I get to be a part of, wedding photography allows me to take captive all those amazing moments of your wedding day. Hanging out behind the scenes to find those little instances of extreme importance to seize with my camera. I believe in a fusion of what I call freestyle photography (a documentary feel with a little zest of showing the love between a bride and her groom) and hyper-posed (my own word, lol) fashion. Why shouldn't you look like you came out of a wedding magazine? Engagement photography and bridal photography are also such an important part of the mix. Let's take it with a dash of fashion and fun, creating something completely unique!

High School Senior Portraits

Please, no traditional high school senior portraits here! This is only for those that possess something different. Let's face it, most of high school is about figuring out who you are. So, if you're an individual, let's make your senior portraits distinctive and exclusive. I'm all about living on the creative edge. Come push it with me.

Boudoir Photography

I've been doing our style of boudoir photography in Lubbock, TX, longer than anyone. I offer an exclusive, personal and private photography service and experience for women seeking a photographer they can trust with their boudoir photography. Who is this for? Especially in Lubbock, Texas? It's for those brides requiring a better wedding gift for their groom than a golf club or cuff links, soccer moms who want that much needed confidence boost that could only come with our self-esteem building photoshoot, or as a little present for that special someone. Sexy, seductive, flirty, and can we say it? FUN! Don't worry if you have a few, well, flaws. We've never photographed the perfect person. Our enhancing will have you looking like you stepped off the pages of any magazine. Really.

Commercial Photography

What may seem a very dry part of photography has become exciting to this photographer. I love working with art directors to make a concept come to life. Commercial photography allows me a chance to show my photographic skills, bringing this expertise in focus for magazine advertising, corporate publications, brochures, restaurant menus, etc. If you have something you want to sell or promote, I'd love to help. And corporate headshots are a specialty as well.

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